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Successful team

ORANGE : One of the world’s leading telecommunications and digital services operators.

ORDISSIMO : French company that creates and markets simplified consumer computer products, tablets, smartphones and accessories

ARPAVIE : One of the 2 largest associations managing residences for the elderly in France.

FAMILLE SENIORS EN LIGNE : Helping in the daily stages of life thanks to its concierge or butler service.

Valuable support

Activités de Service À la Personne making life easier for seniors and people with disabilities.

SILVER VALLEY : First European innovation hub dedicated to longevity and network of Silver Economy players

Silver Eco : National portal of the Silver Economy that references the products and services of well aging.

LA HANDITECH : First ecosystem of innovative technologies for people with disabilities.

HUB E-TONOMY innovation E-Tonomy promoting innovation in the field of autonomy (78,92)

ESPÉRANCE & ALGORITHMES : Think tank that federates those who undertake in the age of algorithms to serve without submission.

Directory references

BIEN VIEILLIR SMART SERVICES : A diversity of Ile-de-France solutions for the services of senior citizens.

MA BOUSSOLE AIDANTS : Directory of geolocated services to guide those looking to help a loved one.

GÉROND’IF : Promotion of research and innovation in geriatrics and gerontology.

TOUT POUR LES AIDANTS : Directory of innovative solutions to age well at home.

CENTR’AIDER : Caregivers resource site in Ile-de-France to facilitate your daily life.

ATHA : Inform and support all people with disabilities.

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